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Convertible sleeve shirts are versatile and hold a great balance of simple and formal. You could wear them under a suit jacket or roll up the sleeves and tuck it into a formal or casual skirt. For all-girls get togethers, they look great tucked into some slim fit cargo pants.

Color (or lack thereof) is a big part of what I look for when I shop. If there’s an item I like but it doesn’t come in a nice neutral, dark, or pale shade, I move on with life.

I found this awesome neutral “Slate Brown” color at Express, and I believe they’re $50 originally, on sale for $25-30. I bought a more fitted Express shirt just over a year ago for about $20— wait for the good sales, I tell ya— that I wasn’t too crazy about because of the fit, but it looked good under my straight cut dark suit jacket. This store has a pretty good reputation for shirts, and their Portofino shirts always have great reviews. I think it’s worth investing in.

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